Bloom Boutique

  1. 1.
    a small store selling fashionable clothes or accessories.
  2. 2.
    a business that serves a sophisticated or specialized clientele. “a small investment boutique”

When you hear the word “boutique”, what do you think of? I know one of my favorite places to shop is called “Bombshell Boutique“. I love everything about that store. It’s a tiny little shop, yet somehow I could spend hours in there. Not only do I love the products they sell, but I love the owner, and her customer service. I always spend a fair amount of time just hanging out with Emily, talking about our kids…and life. I didn’t know Emily before. She just has an adorable shop, great style, and an awesome personality…

Don’t get me wrong! I love all things Target. I can spend hours roaming the isles, but I go in there knowing I won’t get the quality of product, or customer service that Bombshell Boutique offers. Sure, Rosie is fun, and it’s always nice to see Justin, the cute boy at the check out lane (calm down…he’s my cousin), but if I try to stand there and shoot the breeze, I usually end up in a fist fight with someone in the line behind me…and, I can almost guarantee we’re going to be dressed alike. Target is great for your everyday stuff, but when you want to stand out from the crowd…yeah…you’re gonna wanna wear your Bombshell outfit.

So why should house hunting be any different?

We are the perfect example of #2:
We are a business that ‘serves a sophisticated or specialized clientele.’ As the “Boutique Division” at the BLOOM group, we strive to offer you the best customer service and nicest homes in Tulare County. You won’t see our sign in just any yard. Nope. It will be the best yard on the block…even if that means we’re rolling up our sleeves and out there planting the flowers ourselves (yes, we’ve actually done it)!

Your home will the be the “best dressed” home on the market, and your realtors will be the “best dressed” in the county. I mean that literally…we really love our boutiques.

So…ask yourself this:

Do you want to be like every other house on the market? Or do you want to stand out in the crowd of Target dressed listings?

Call 559.429.2206, and let the cool kids show you how it’s done.